Where are Clarington Forge tools made?

In operation since 1780, Clarington Forge is the last remaining forge in England that still produces garden tools.

Where are bulldog garden tools made?

The Bulldog Premier garden range is made at our factory in Wigan, England. We have been making tools on the same site since 1780. To this day we finish the heads, assemble the product and produce our own handles from the best quality ash using techniques that have not changed in generations.

Where are Spear and Jackson tools made?

The principal manufacturing facility is in Bradford, its UK-based sales operation is based in Camberley, while its Shanghai facility distributes the Bowers range to a rapidly expanding Chinese market. It operates a number of principal brands including Bowers, Moore & Wright, CV Instruments and Baty.

Where are Burgon and Ball tools made?

They are designed in the UK and made to last for many years, with a rigorous testing procedure to ensure consistent quality. And where no tool exists to perform a particular task – we design one! We are renowned for our investment in innovative new designs.

Are Richard Carter tools made in UK?

Celebrating 275 years in UK manufacturing. Richard Carter Ltd are celebrating their 275th anniversary year in UK manufacturing. Throughout 2015 the Company will be marking their history that takes us right back to 1740!

Are bulldog garden tools good?

Is the Bulldog Tools Premier Border Spade good value for money? This is the most expensive border spade in our test but it’s well made, built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty. We think it’s good value for money.

Are Bulldog tools still made in UK?

Bulldog Tools in Wigan
ParentRollins Group

Who owns Bulldog tools?

Bulldog Tools is a manufacturer of gardening and agricultural tools based in Wigan, England. Founded in 1780, Bulldog are one of the oldest surviving businesses in the Wigan area, and still operate from their original factory site. Today they are owned by the Rollins Group from Essex, who acquired Bulldog in 2004.


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