When can I plant my spinach seedlings?

When is the best time to plant spinach? In late winter or early spring for a fast crop and again in late summer or early fall, after the hottest temperatures have passed. Spinach is a cool-weather vegetable.

When can spinach seedlings be planted outside?

Early spring and autumn are the best times to plant spinach, as it grows best at a temperature of around 50-75 degrees. If you are starting from seed, you’ll want to begin about 5 weeks before the last frost in the spring to ensure you get the biggest harvest.

What temperature can spinach tolerate?

Spinach is a cool-weather crop that grows best when the daytime temperature remains consistently below 75°F–commonly in spring or fall. Young plants will bolt when exposed to temperatures below 40°F, but mature plants can withstand temperatures as low as 20°F.

Can spinach tolerate frost?

Spinach. Spinach does very well in cold weather and can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees. It can also be an early spring crop if you grow under a row cover or cold frame to protect it from extremes.

Can I plant spinach outside?

Sow outdoors, directly where they are to grow. Make a drill 2.5cm (1in) deep, then sprinkle the seeds thinly along it. If sowing more than one row, space them 30cm (1ft) apart. You can also sow seeds thinly in large containers.

How often should spinach be watered?

Water spinach frequently to keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Regular watering is essential in warm weather to prevent bolting. In general, spinach needs around 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week. Rather than a weekly deep watering, it’s better to water several times a week.

How do you thin out spinach seedlings?

Weeding and thinning spinach – YouTube

How long does it take spinach to fully grow?

Spinach requires 6 weeks of cool weather from seeding to harvest, so sow seeds directly into the soil as soon as the ground warms to 40°F.

How far apart should I plant spinach?

Time of Planting: Plant spinach outdoors as soon as soil can be worked. Sow in spring and late summer. Spinach tolerates cool weather. Special Considerations: When growing spinach for seed, increase spacing to 8-12 inches between plants in rows 22-30 inches apart, or to at least 12 inches on center.

Does spinach need light to germinate?

Spinach seeds do not need light to germinate, but once they sprout, the seedlings will need light to continue growing.

How long does spinach take to sprout?

Spinach will germinate at soil temperatures between 40-75°F. Spinach takes up to a month to sprout at 40° while it may only take 5 days at 75° but at higher temperatures you may only see 30% germination rates. For best results soak seeds over night in water one week before planting.

How do you protect spinach plants?

Use reflective mulch or lay sheets of aluminum foil under the plants. Carbaryl and pyrethrum insecticides sometimes help reduce serious infestations. Slugs and snails – Slugs and snails also leave holes in spinach leaves.

Why is my spinach growing tall?

Spinach will grow in most soils as long as they are properly drained, but it prefers temperatures between 35 and 75 degrees F. (1-23 C.). Cool season varieties or broadleaf species will elongate, get taller, produce fewer leaves, and develop a flower head in warmer weather.

How do you plant baby spinach seedlings?

Growing baby spinach outdoors – Sow the seeds directly into the soil ½ an inch (1 cm) deep and about 2 inches (5 cm) apart. Cover the seeds gently with soil and water well. I like to plant a couple of rows every 2 weeks so that the leaves aren’t all ready to harvest at the same time.

How many times can you harvest baby spinach?

The “baby leaf” harvest – Stop harvesting baby spinach leaves after two harvests. Then let the plant develop mature leaves for a third harvest of fully mature leaves.

When can I put seedlings outside?

You’ll want to wait until you have at least 3 or 4 true leaves before you consider transplanting. Work with your plant’s weather preferences. Understanding whether you’re growing cool-weather or warm-weather plants will help you determine when it’s time to start thinking about growing outside.

How deep do you plant spinach seedlings?

Sow them one half inch deep and two inches apart in beds or rows. If the weather isn’t extremely cold, seeds will germinate in five to nine days. Spinach produces beautifully in cool fall conditions, but it’s tricky to persuade the seed to germinate in the hot conditions of late summer.

Where can I transplant spinach?

How to Transplant Leggy Spinach : The Chef’s Garden – YouTube

Should you transplant spinach?

Spinach seedlings are also easy to transplant, so if you want, you can do some of your thinning by spreading the seedlings around. Spinach plants should be 4 to 6 inches apart. Transplants of spinach are much easier to grow. Spinach transplants should be planted in rows on top of raised planting beds.

Do you need to repot spinach?

Use a nitrogen rich fertilizer to help replenish the soil and promote healthy growth. Use a weak strength fertilizer diluted to half strength for best results. You can also repot the plant with new soil once a year to help recycle the soil. This can often provide enough nutrients to remove the need to fertilize.

Can I plant spinach in winter?

In most areas, successive sowing can be done from early spring until early winter, but more often during hotter months. The plants prefer full sun, except in warmer weather when they benefit from semi-shade.

Which fertilizer is best for spinach?

Spinach grows best when given plenty of fertilizer. Adequate nitrogen is needed to develop the dark green leaf color. Before planting the seeds, apply a general garden fertilizer such as 10-10-10 at the rate of 2 to 3 pounds per 100 square feet. Or, fertilize as directed by a soil test report.

Can you start spinach indoors?

Spinach can be either sown directly into the garden or started from seeds indoors. For the least work and the most convenience, seedlings can also be purchased from a nursery in spring. To give spinach a head start, plant seeds in sterile seed-starting mix indoors about six weeks before the last expected frost date.


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