What type of planter is best for indoor plants?

Ceramic pots are the most popular type of containers for houseplants today. You’ll find them in all kinds of styles, colors, and sizes.

What type of planter is best for plants?

Our advice is to go porous. Porous ceramics like terracotta will dry more evenly than plastic pots, and any wood planter will dry even faster than terracotta. Ceramic planters also are great choices. And if you’re worried about weight, fiberglass planters are ideal for plants 8″ or larger in diameter.

Do indoor plants do well in plastic pots?

Plastic does not have the wicking action that clay has making them an excellent choice for moisture-loving plants or for those gardeners who water infrequently. Plastic pots are made of inert materials and are considered safe for growing plants.

What size planter do I need for indoor plants?

For most houseplants, sufficient pot sizes are 6 centimeters (2 in.), 8 centimeters (3 in.), 13 centimeters (5 in.), and 18 centimeters (7 in.). Of course, for large trees or floor-standing plants, you may need to go as high as 25 centimeters (10 in.) to accommodate them.

Do houseplants need drainage?

Getting the watering and drainage right is the key to thriving plants. Overwatering is the most common maintenance mistake and probably the easiest way to kill a plant. The roots sit in excess water and gradually rot, taking away the plants ability to absorb nutrients and moisture.

Are metal planters good for indoor plants?

You can use metal containers only in shady locations, which both reduces heat and eliminates the glare that can be tough on plants. Or, line your metal containers with bubble wrap to insulate the soil and roots from the hot metal.

What do you fill indoor planters with?

  • Recycle Plastics. Plastic Water/Soda Bottles.
  • Reuse Packing Materials.
  • Unused Plastic Pots Turned Upside Down.
  • Recycled Crushed Cans.
  • Natural Materials.
  • Recycled Cardboard, Newspaper (Also for short term use only.)


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