What is a digging tool called?

Shovels are used for digging in many different areas. Whether you need to dig into the dirt for gardening purposes, or if you need a shovel for construction, you’re going to be getting very familiar with this tool. It’s the most common tool that anyone will use when needing to dig into the ground.

What is the best tool for digging?

  • Shovel. Are round-point diggers that have a broad scoop, a sturdy dished blade, and either a short or long handle.
  • Spade. Are square-edged, flat-bladed digging tools with either a short or long handle.
  • Grub Hoe.
  • Mattock.
  • Pick or Pickaxe.
  • Digging Bars.
  • Pinch Bars.
  • Axes and Hatchets.

What is the example of digging tools?

From shovels and spades, to augers and post hole diggers.

What tool do you use to dig a trench?

The traditional trenching tool kit is: trench shovel, drain spade, pick mattock, and rake. If the trench must be dug on extremely rocky or hard ground, a walk-behind trencher may be required. For detailed borders, use a border trenching tool.

How do you dig up roots easily?

How to Remove Shrubs : easy way to remove bushes and roots – YouTube

What garden tool is used for digging?

A garden shovel is a tool used for digging, lifting, and moving garden soil. Digging shovels can be round, pointed, or flat for different jobs. The most common garden shovel has a rounded edge with a pointed tip and is shaped to scoop out plenty of soil.

What tool is used for digging a hole to plant a seedling?

Dibbers & Bulb planters – Dibbers are a small-handled tool with a fine, tapering point. Also known as dibblers or dibbles, their sharpened head is used to make a neat hole in the soil ready for planting smaller items, such as seeds, small bulbs and seedlings.


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