What can I put in large indoor planters?

  1. Recycled Plastics. As we all probably know, plastic pollution is now a serious environmental issue.
  2. Packing Materials.
  3. Metal Cans.
  4. Plastic Pots.
  5. Natural Materials.
  6. Waste Paper and Cardboard.

What can I do with an indoor planter box?

  1. Booth Backrest. Instead of greenery outside the window, it’s right in front in this renovated apartment.
  2. Fern Feature.
  3. Window Ledge Blooms.
  4. Container Plant Partition.
  5. Bathroom Rock Bed.
  6. Staircase Shrubs.

What else can you do with a planter?

  • Store more in the bathroom.
  • Make a backyard bird bath.
  • Create a plant stand.
  • Use it as an indoor (or outdoor) focal point.
  • Storing entertaining and cooking essentials.
  • Problem solve in an entryway.
  • Hide your hose and gardening gear.
  • Make a candle.

What are built in planters?

Built-In Patio Planter Boxes – Use tall plants, trellises and vines, or hanging baskets with vines around areas that you want to screen, or use the planters to create an urban vegetable garden.

How do you fill indoor planters?

Styrofoam peanuts (a.k.a packing peanuts) or styrofoam blocks (a.k.a foam blocks) are recommended for filler material. To keep the filler more secure and contained, place them in an empty potting soil bag.

Do indoor pots need drainage?

Whether your potted plants are indoors or outdoors, proper drainage is an essential element to ensure they stay healthy. This process keeps water from pooling at the base of the pot, which can cause bacteria, fungus and root rot.


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