What are the best grow lights for seed starting?

For many years, fluorescent shop lights were the go-to seed starting bulbs for gardeners, but LEDs have quickly replaced them as the standard choice. LEDs are usually more expensive than fluorescent bulbs, but they are very energy-efficient and long-lasting.

What type of grow light is best for starting seeds?

If you are just using grow lights to start seeds or to grow leafy vegetables, stick to lights that are labeled either as blue-green spectrum or balanced light spectrum. It is increasingly common for lights to be labeled “for greens and seeds” or “for flowers and fruit”.

How do you pick a grow light for seeds?

For growing seedlings indoors, choose a grow light that is described as “full-spectrum” or broad spectrum. I recommend the same for houseplants too. With a full-spectrum light, you’re getting a good balance of both blue and red light – and the closest thing possible to natural sunlight!

What color light is best for seed starting?

Plants make the most use of the red and blue wavelengths present in white light. Blue light most influences a plant’s vegetative growth. Red light promotes flowering. More recent research indicates that green light enhances seedling growth, and far-red (which we humans can’t see at all) is also useful.

Are grow lights good for seedlings?

If you’re starting seedlings, bright supplemental light helps young plants thrive, achieve steady growth, and makes it possible to grow your favorite varieties from seed.

Are LED lights good for starting seeds?

But as we know, LEDs, like those available for home lighting, come in more neutral white colors that will also work for seed starting. You can even buy led tube lights that will fit in your shop light ballast and require less energy.

Do you use grow lights during germination?

However, grow lights are necessary for sprouted seedlings unless they are in a sunny window or otherwise getting direct sunlight. The only benefit of grow lights before germination is that they can provide extra warmth which helps speed up germination.

What color light promotes germination?

As a generalisation, light in the red wave length usually promotes germination whereas blue light inhibits it.

How high should grow lights be above seedlings?

During the seedling phase, when plants are tender, lights are suspended higher. Generally, LED lights should be about 24-26 inches during this phase, and then lowered to 18 to 22 inches during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.


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