How long does pandan take to grow?

Although possible to be grown from seeds, a pandan plant may take anything from 10 to 12 months to germinate, so it’s important to have a fair bit of patience.

Is pandan plant easy to grow?

Pandan plants are very easy to grow and they are very hardy. It tends to grow better on land than in pots, but if you feed it regularly (once or twice a month) with compost or natural fertilisers (such as store bought fish emulsion, seaweed emulsion, chicken manure or sheep manure), they can become really productive.

How do you care for a pandan plant in the Philippines?

It prefers indirect sun, with moist, well-drained soil rich in compost; and high humidity. Place the plant in a container of water for a few days until bigger roots appear. Thereafter, remove most of the leaves and plant it in well-drained soil under a full sun to partial shade. Water regularly.

How do you harvest pandan plants?

In harvesting the pandan plant for its leaves, it is always best to harvest the leaves around 4 to 6 months after they are planted, when the plant is around 30 to 40 centimetres in height. This is to allow the plant to grow properly before they are harvested, so that the harvesting will not stunt its growth thereafter.

How tall can pandan grow?

Pandan plant (Pandanus amaryllifolius) (Chinese Name : 班兰) is a tropical plant native to South East Asia. It’s a perennial evergreen tree with fragrantly-scented leaves, growing into a small shrub 1 – 1.6 m tall when the leaves are harvested often, or a small tree 2 – 4.5 m tall in it’s tropical native habitat.

Does pandan plant have flowers?

Though the plant is unknown in the wild, it is widely cultivated. It is an upright, green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow, blade-like leaves and woody aerial roots. The plant is sterile, with flowers only growing very rarely, and is propagated by cuttings.


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