How do you use large pots in landscaping?

How to Use Pots in Landscape Design – YouTube

How do you use large plant pots?

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How do you plant flowers in a large container?

In large containers, position largest plants first. Add soil around plants to bury the rootball. Tuck plants into soil to the same depth they were growing in their original pot. As you add soil around a plant, firm it just enough to keep your plant upright.

How do you use landscaping pots?

How to Use Pots in Landscape Design – YouTube

How do I organize my yard planters?

  1. 1 Choose an “inspiration” plant.
  2. 2 Tie your container in with your existing landscape.
  3. 3 Find plants to compliment your inspiration plant.
  4. 4 Use contrast in color and texture to make an interesting arrangement.
  5. 5 Choose plants of different heights.

How do you fill the space in a large planter?

  1. Plastic milk jugs (not cartons)
  2. Laundry detergent containers.
  3. Water bottles.
  4. Plastic soda bottles.
  5. Contact solution bottles.
  6. Protein powder containers.
  7. Plastic pots turned upside down (such as the planting pots that you get with the plant at the garden center)

What do you put under big pots?

To keep larger planters (24 inches or more) easy to move, try filling them with lightweight, bulky items like capped empty water bottles or milk jugs. They take up space without adding weight. Plus, this is better than sending that plastic to the landfill! Be sure to tightly cap them so they don’t fill with water.

Should pots be off the ground?

Elevate containers off the ground. – Don’t place a container directly in contact with any surface that might block water flow out of drainage holes. You can use any number of ways to elevate containers, but pot feet are the easiest and most effective.


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