Does lavender need a lot of space to grow?

Plant lavenders 2-3 feet apart from one another and other plants. 2-3 feet of space is important so that lavenders do not have to compete for water, space, nutrients or particularly sunlight, as the amount of sun will influence the strength of fragrance, amount of oil produced and number of flowers on display.

How much space do lavender plants need?

Quick Guide to Growing Lavender – Space lavender plants 12 to 18 inches apart in an area with plenty of sunlight and sandy, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.7 to 7.3. Give young plants an excellent start to the growing season by mixing in several inches of compost or other rich organic matter into your native soil.

How fast does lavender spread?

Lavender is a slow grower and may take one to three months to reach transplanting size. The greatest threat to lavender seeds and seedlings is fungus. Keep soil mix moist, but provide good air circulation to help reduce disease outbreaks.

Do lavender have deep roots?

Remember that lavender is shallow rooted, so the pot does not need to be a tall one. Average depth and spread of the root system is 8-10 inches. Excellent drainage is key to success with lavender be it in the ground or in a pot.

How do I make a lavender raised bed?

Introduction to the Elevated Raised Bed at Lavender Fields Herb Farm

Can lavender grow in small spaces?

Small, compact lavenders can also be grown in large pots and barrels and placed in the garden or on a deck or patio where they will receive full sun. In general, smaller lavender plants hold their shape well, need less pruning and will take less space in the garden.

Is there a dwarf lavender plant?

Lavender Dwarf Munstead (Lavandula angustifolia) is a popular dwarf lavender variety with silver blue foliage and beautifully scented deep blue flowers that bloom from spring until fall. It grows to a maximum of 20 inches (50 cm) wide and tall.

Is lavender a good house plant?

Coming from the Mediterranean region, lavender is a good plant to grow indoors because it does well in pots and doesn’t need that much attention or maintenance. Lavender plants can also brighten up your home with their purple flowers and fresh aroma.

Can you plant lavender close together?

Planting lavenders too close together will be to the detriment of each plant in terms of flowering and aroma as each plant requires the appropriate amount of space for their root systems to establish and to be in full sun.

How wide should a lavender border be?

To get the best effect from Lavender and create a seamless edge or hedge you want to space the plants around 10 – 12 inches apart. Most cultivars tend to spread outwards in a fan so this spacing will create a good shape and the plants won’t suffer from overcrowding if they are kept shaped and trimmed.

How do you make lavender borders?

Create a thick hedge by making your ridge 24 inches wide and set lavender plants in two rows 12 inches apart. Instead of planting lavenders in parallel rows, stagger plants so plants of one row are halfway between plants of the other row.

Does lavender spread a lot?

Lavenders can spread in terms of vegetative growth, with the largest varieties reaching 36-40 inches (90 – 100 cm). Lavenders can spread by seed dispersal but the rate of germination is low and almost negligible. You can prevent lavender from spreading by trimming off seed bearing flower heads in late summer.

Can lavender grow under trees?

Lavender isn’t fussy about soil pH; though it prefers neutral to alkaline soil, it can survive in acidic soil. Meanwhile, pine trees can survive in slightly alkaline soil, which is ideal for lavender. Either way, this compatibility makes lavender a viable option for planting under pine trees.

Are lavender tree roots invasive?

Although lavender (Lavandula sp.) does not currently appear on any invasive species lists, I urge you to read When is a Guest a Pest? and plant any non-native species responsibly.


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