Are damsons easy to grow?

Do Damsons grow every year?

What are damsons? Damsons, or prunus insititia are small, purple coloured stony fruits grown here in the United Kingdom for their culinary uses and spring blossom. They are often, rather sadly overlooked by the common plum and are grown on small trees and crop only once a year in late summer to early autumn.

How long does a damson tree take to fruit?

Damsons are not difficult to grow. They will come true from a stone and will produce fruit within 15 years. Alternatively, you can buy a tree grafted on to a rootstock that will control the amount of growth.

Can I keep a damson tree small?

Shropshire Prune (also known as Prune Damson) is one to choose for neat, compact growth, or you could look for a tree grown on Pixy rootstock to restrict growth to 8-10 feet (2.4-3m). Damsons are self-fertile, so you don’t need to plant more than one.

Are damsons self fertile?

Most Damsons are self fertile so can be grown alone and although the tree itself is hardy and reliable, the blossom comes very early so can still be prone to frost damage the same as plums and gages. The selection of varieties is quite small but serviceable and there are growing forms that answer most requirements.

How do you care for a damson tree?

A pH level slightly on either side of neutral is fine for this adaptable tree. Once established, Damson plum trees require little care. Water the tree deeply once every week during the first growing season. Thereafter, water deeply when the soil is dry, but never allow the ground to remain soggy or to become bone dry.

Why does my damson tree not produce fruit?

How much chilling varies from variety to variety, so the other plums in the yard may be getting enough chilling for their variety but the damson does not. Without enough chilling the flowers cannot produce fruit.

Can you plant damson stones?

Once the pre treatment period has finished the seeds can be sown. Plant them about 10mm deep in a pot containing good quality compost. Keep them in a warm place at around room temperature and germination should begin within 1 or 2 weeks.

Is Damson plum self pollinating?

Damson plums are self-fertile, meaning each tree can pollinate its own flowers to produce fruit, although some cultivars may produce better if another European plum with the same flowering time is nearby.

How do you grow damson?

Plant. Damsons have quite high moisture demands, so they are best planted on good clay or loamy soils. But sites also need to be well drained as plums, and gages in particular, hate waterlogged soils. Add bulky organic matter to sandy or shallow chalky soils prior to planting.

Where do damsons grow?

insititia, or sometimes Prunus insititia), also archaically called the “damascene”, is an edible drupaceous fruit, a subspecies of the plum tree. Varieties of insititia are found across Europe, but the name damson is derived from and most commonly applied to forms that are native to Great Britain.

Do Damsons need full sun?

Most trees like full sunlight, south facing perfection. Damsons are less fussy so provided you can shelter it from being too wind blown and get the soil right it will give you fruit.

When should you prune damsons?

Prune plums and damsons in late spring or early summer, sawing out any diseased, dead, broken or rubbing branches. “Dead” branches should be cut back to healthy wood, that is, wood showing no brown stain. In removing large branches take off close to the main branch.

How do you know when damsons are ready to pick?

How Do You Know When Damsons Are Ripe? The firmness and flavor of plum fruit are the most reliable indicators of when the time is right to pick them. The plums will become softer to the touch, with a sweet and juicy flavor. Hopefully, you’ve eaten a ripe plum before and can use that memory as a barometer.



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